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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Nails of the Day: Born Pretty Store Laced Rose Nail Decals

by Cynthia


"Today I wanted to share a nails of the post, which I haven't done in ages! - I was sent some nail decals from Born Pretty Store to try out and have finally got round to trying the first ones; I absolutely love the design and the way the overall look turned out; I got a lot of complements on them and they made the perfect birthday manicure :)

Before applying the decals, I used a couple coats of Sinful Color's 'Easy Going', a beautiful pale pink shade, that's so pale and milky, it appears almost a white-nude, especially in the photographs. I thought this would be the perfect polish to use the black decals with, to help make them stand out further and really 'pop'.

These first decals are, as you can see already... this stunning lace/rose design ('Classical Rosette Grid Lacy Pattern*). They are all varied in size slightly, making it more versatile to fit different nails - the smaller ones on your smallest nail, the largest on the thumb, etc, so you can mix and match to your choosing.

They were incredibly easy to use - simply remove all outer packaging (including the clear film over the decals), cut out your desired pattern, soak in a bit of water, and then place onto your nail. I used tweezers just to be more precise and so they were easier to hold. There is instructions with little diagrams on the back which is handy (no pun intended).

They don't stick immediately, which I like, you do have a little bit of time whilst the decal and nail are still wet to move it around till your happy with the placement - so a fab method for people like me who like to take their time and care with things instead of rushing and making a mess. Once your happy with the placement, dab the nail dry with some tissue to soak up the excess water, and voila! they're stuck on! no drying time, no smudging, just literally, cut, soak n stick! Easy, right?!

I finally applied a top coat to help seal in my design and prolong the results. One did smudge slightly (the pinky finger) from me not applying enough top coat, so the brush dragged along the nail and smudged the design slightly, which sucks, but at least I knew to then apply the top coat generously on the rest of the fingers, which worked fine and didn't smudge anymore.

Overall, i'm over the moon with the design and how well the decals performed - I'd definitely recommend others to try them, especially if, like me, you're not very good at freehand nail art, but still want to create beautiful designs, just without the fiddly tools, long drying time, mess and less money spent (these were only $1.99! and i still have loads left).

If you'd like to view these decals on the Born Pretty Store website, click here, and if you'd like to browse the rest of the decal designs available, click here. Don't forget to use your 10% coupon code at the checkout!!
Stay tuned also for the upcoming notd post featuring the other designs too!
Have you tried nail decals?"


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