BornPretty® Stamp Plates

BornPretty® Stamp Plates
BornPretty® Stamp Plates

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another Round Vote for BornPretty® Stamping Plates,Win FREE Whole Set Plates!!

Hello Beaities,

An excited news for you! 
The last 10 BornPretty® Stamping Plates has gain its popularity on our store and we have already designed another 10 patterns.
Please do not hesitate to vote for your favorite plates!!

Vote from here please:

We will produce the most welcomed patterns of them.^^

 5 Lucky Winners will be picked up randomly from the all participants 
and winnners can get a Whole Set new plates (10 Pcs) for prize.

Come on and join us, good luck!^^ 

I voted!

Did you vote today?

Don't forget to use "CYNW10" for 10% off. 

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for more promotion news!

Nice day

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