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BornPretty® Stamp Plates
BornPretty® Stamp Plates

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Share to Win FREE Born Pretty® Designed Stamping Plates!


BornPrettyStore have designed our own Stamp Template and those plates will be online on 20th Sep with 20% off in 24 hours after they go online.

There will be 10 unique Born Pretty® Stamp Templates!

Just Share this news and banner (I put the banner at the end of this post) on more than 3 social websites, you can Surly get a BORNPRETTY Stamping Plate For Free. (Time 9.17-9.21)

Click the link below for more details about this Giveaway!

And from 9.20th to 9.22nd:

Buy more than 3 pcs BornPretty® Stamp Plates, you can get one plate(Random pattern) for free
Buy more than 8 pcs BornPretty® Stamp Plates, you can get this stamper set for free.
More details here:

Don’t forget to join this big event—“Share to Win”
Share this banner ---Win BornPretty® Stamp Plate

Share the banner below on more than 3 social websites such as Instagram/Blogspot/Facebook and so on, then send your post links or screenshot to email
You will surely get a BORN PRETTY stamping plate for free. Please also tell us which exact stamping plate you want and your shipping address in your email.

Which one is your favorite? ^^ 
They will online on 20th September.

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