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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stamping Nail Art Review !

by Cynthia

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"Born Pretty Store  have given me the chance to try two of their products. Today I'm going to teach, along with two manicures.

The first is a plate for printing, with very pretty designs, as I saw it I loved it. 
Here's a link to the stamp plate . This plate well print the designs are very well done and then look at the nail perfectly. If you do not see much on the nail, it is because I wanted to make it very claritos colors. Visit the big design on the left.

Here is the detail of the drawing
The second is a wheel with silver stones of different sizes. 
This is the link of silver stones . They are very nice, also it is very convenient to come in different sizes.

Here's the detail. I used the same stamp plate to make the drawing of this manicure. 

These glazes are used in the two manicures

Here's the discount Born Pretty Store  if you want to take a look at the store."
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sitewide 10% off coupon CYNW10



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